Pavel (ppl) wrote,

cbs interview

Путин в интервью CBS:

[Putin:] “Haven’t we seen resignations of leading American journalists from the national media due to their positions on Iraq?”

“What are you saying, Mr. President?” asks Wallace. “Journalists resigning because what?”

“Don’t you know that some of the American journalists were fired because of their positions on Iraq or the presidential election campaign?” says Putin.

“Were you talking about Dan Rather, at CBS News?” asks Wallace.

“Yes, exactly,” says Putin, who apparently believed that Rather’s resignation as anchor of the CBS Evening News meant that he had been fired from CBS.

“On our TV screens, we saw him resigning,” says Putin. “We understood that he was forced to resign by his bosses at CBS. This is a problem of your democracy, not ours.”

“He still works for CBS News,” says Wallace. “He continues to work as a matter of fact on 60 Minutes.”
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