Pavel (ppl) wrote,

slomonia, ublame и проч.

Оказывается, tomorrow, the U.S. military begins its largest "national" military exercise of the fiscal year, an exercise that posits a return of the "old guard" to Russia and a crisis that ends in a nuclear attack on the United States. (Early Warning by Bill Arkin).

По сценарию учений, "Slomonia" [т.е. Россия] loses ally "Ublame" [очевидно Украина] in a "domestically driven political realignment." Slomonia adapts a more aggressive foreign policy which re-ignites what the war gamers call a "mini-Cold War."

Имена стран на каком-то этапе разработчики сценария поменяли, вроде бы как в надежде скрыть кого они имеют в виду - Slomonia [...] in earlier game preparation was called Rusalka. [...] Ukraine [...] was earlier called Ubundi.
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