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22nd October 2005

9:58pm: эффективность организаций
Perrow об организациях и капитализме:

[...] what may be efficient for the owners [of large corporations], producing short run profits, might be inefficient for other parts of society, such as workers, local communities, environmental impacts, the class structure, and so on. This could be called “social efficiency,” a broader concern than economic efficiency.

The success of the U.S. was not due to [efficiency of corporate capitalism], but to the abundant land, labor supply, natural wealth, protective oceans, fewer wars, and so on. [...] Almost any form of economic organization that might have developed would have succeeded under these circumstances [...]

Он прямо почти что коммунист. Но в целом интересно.

А вот он же про Катрину (скорее, про FEMA, так как текст написан до Катрины).
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