Pavel (ppl) wrote,


Из России высылают четверых, но кто кроме Сутягина - непонятно. В письме департамента юстиции, говорится о том, что только трое осуждены за шпионаж:

The letter did not name the four, describing three of them as having been ''convicted of treason in the form of espionage on behalf of a foreign power'' and serving lengthy prison terms.

''The Russian prisoners have all served a number of years in prison and some are in poor health,'' the letter added.

The family members of the four will leave with them for resettlement.

Three of the four were accused by Russia of contacting Western intelligence agencies while they were working for the Russian or Soviet government, the letter stated.

Откуда "Soviet"? Какое-то совсем старое дело?
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