Pavel (ppl) wrote,

о национальной гордости великороссов

The Economist пишет о СПИДе в России:

[...] a standard “first-line” cocktail of three drugs [to treat HIV] will cost $2,000 a year [...]. By 2008 it should be just $500-800. [...] Yet last year the Russian health ministry was paying nearly $8,000 for a typical first-line package.

“I don't know how well generics work,” says Yevgenia Sinchik, at the St Petersburg AIDS clinic. “We're not a third-world country, so we should try to meet world standards.” Aleksei Mazus, director of the Moscow AIDS centre, is more categorical: “Do these people understand the difference between normal medicines and fakes?

Самое интересное, что разницы на самом деле нет:

Generic combination HIV/AIDS drugs formulated into a single pill are "at least as [effective] as highly active antiretroviral therapy in industrialised countries", according to research published in this week's issue of The Lancet.

Впрочем, наверняка откат с $2000 (и уж тем более с $500) поменьше будет, чем с $8000. При этом говорят, что We are not, мол, a third-world country.
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